At Tri-County we install both Western and Eastern Cedar-we really love our Eastern RedCedar !

Any way you slice it red cedar and white cedar are wonderful materials for constructing fences, or anything else that you might ever want to build outdoors. They offer many of the same benefits.

For example, they are equally easy to work with. Both woods are nice because they aren’t prone to splintering and cracking. You can even put nails or screws directly into either kind of cedar without causing any problems.

Neither wood needs to be artificially dried or treated in order to be successful. They can both air dry, and they both contain natural oils that make them resistant to insects, rotting, mold, and warping.

Both can take oils, paints, and coatings with ease, giving you enormous versatility when it comes to decoration and protection for your fence investment. They’re both extremely attractive, pleasing to the eye and to the nose.

So why do we favor Eastern Red Cedar?

… many reasons-we source it locally, when we put a piece of the product in your hands you will be able to feel and smell the difference. The graining is just magnificent and a light oil or semi-transparent stain will leave your neighbors in awe at how wonderful your new fence looks.

It’s true that red cedar is a little stronger and less prone to knotting. Also, we source our Eastern Red Cedar locally from a family that cuts and planes it to our specifications. Our ¾ x 6 x 6 fence boards are super solid and true to size, have a rich redwood tone to them and take stain and oil beautifully. Our 2 x 4’s and posts are also true to size so where other fence companies will put up a rail and its suppose to be a 2 x 4 its nominal size is a half inch or more less-ours is true to size which looks better and supports the fence much better.

In addition, it’s also very environmentally friendly, because it’s locally sourced and the mill plants more trees than they harvest themselves. Also, with it sourced locally and picked up by our own trucks we cut down on transportation costs and pass these on to you the consumer.

In the end, both red cedar and white cedar are great materials to build fences with. We’re a little bias towards Eastern Red Cedar and our customers love the cedar fences we build!

To find out more about our company, Tri-County Fence and Deck a Frank Leta Family Owned Company and what we can build for you, contact us or call us for a free estimate at 636.442.1683
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