Vinyl fence is made from PVC. They are a terrific choice as an alternative to a wood or chain link fence. In most cases, a vinyl fence will hold the test of time better than a traditional wood fence and are certainly easier to maintain. Areas with severe and harsh weather conditions-this plays and even bigger roll. Further, a vinyl fence will last more than 20 plus years with limited maintenance. Maintenance is usually no more than a bucket and soap and water, and of course some elbow grease.

What Should I consider?

Some disadvantages with them are they normally or more expensive than traditional wood fence alternatives. With large projects, this can be a deal-breaker for many homeowners. Other issues include what some perceive as not look as good-or as natural as a traditional wood fence. Repairs on vinyl can also be very tricky at times and may require more than an average DIY’r can handle. There are also limited color options available.

On the other hand, wood fences are generally more affordable and are relatively easy to install for a DIY’r. Wood is very natural looking and is a warm palette that is very appealing to American homeowners. Repairs normally just require a simple piece of wood, nails and a hammer.

Where things tend to get tricky when looking at wood-is although the project may be cheaper upfront the backside costs can be substantial. Maintenance must be done yearly typically-with power-washing and a good seal needed with a good brand of product. Lifespans on wood range from 10-20 years depending on annual maintenance and the type of product applied. Quality of seal matters.

So many things to think about-its really just up to your mind on what is the most important to you and your family. Either choice will add great value to your property and will enhance its market value.

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