Setting up an Outdoor Entertainment area at a Commercial Business

Many people have written about the enhanced family and social benefits of creating an outdoor area as an extension of your home…right…how about at your business?

As many of you are aware Tri County Fence and Deck is a member of the Frank Leta Auto Family, an auto group founded by Frank Leta more than 65 years ago and one that emulates a successful business, a commitment to its employees and the community and not necessarily in that order.

In a recent meeting with one of the founder’s grandsons, we were throwing ideas out on how we could further our brand here at Tri County within the dealership side of the business. The idea was brought up of a display area, and Steve opened up that a spot outside of the WAITING area, that had our beautiful ViNiLe chairs, some warm would seating, a nice ornamental steel fence to frame the area and large pots, maybe a fire pit was chatted about.

Later that morning we drove up to the dealership and we measured and laid out some ideas that will crystallize over the next few weeks and will result in a month or so- in a nice area for Leta customers to lounge in while awaiting service-who knows maybe we’ll even call it the Leta lounge-SMILE.

In outdoor planning whether at home or your business start with a blank sheet, define what you want to get out of the area and Just Do It! The great thing about outdoor extension areas is they are affordable and can create lasting memories for your family or even your customers…


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