Spring has officially sprung and it’s the time of year when homeowners begin tackling home improvement projects like replacing old, worn, drafty windows. If you want your windows replaced or if you’re building a new home or adding onto an existing dwelling and need new windows installed, you’ve come to the right place.

There are a number of reasons home owners choose to replace their windows but there are also many advantages associated with replacement windows. Replacing old, damaged or deteriorating windows can lower energy costs, reduce outside noise, improve a home’s appearance and value, and add curb appeal as well.

Decreased Utility Costs

Energy efficient replacement windows can reduce your monthly utility bills and save you money if your current ones are very old, single pane, or deteriorating. Utility costs are high enough right now and unfortunately they’ll most likely continue to increase as time goes on. Replacing drafty or inefficient windows with one’s that are energy efficient can keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer lowering energy costs at the same time.

UV rays Reduction

Replacement windows can also be obtained with UV protection to keep the direct sunlight out which can fade your carpets, drapes and home furnishings. Vinyl home replacement windows are not only cost effective on your energy bills, they’re also durable and low maintenance because they never need to be painted or stained.

Easy Cleaning

Most modern replacement windows are easy to clean which is another huge advantage. Some people choose to upgrade their windows simply because their existing windows are difficult to clean. Many of the replacement windows available today are equipped with tilt-in cleaning eliminating the need for having to go outside in the weather and possibly stand on ladders in order to wash the outsides.

Sound Reduction

Another advantage of replacement windows is sound reduction. If your home has older single pane windows you can probably hear all of the outside noises which can be quite distracting. If you live on a busy street and there’s a lot of traffic, adding quality thermal pane glass window replacements can greatly buffer sounds coming from the exterior of your home.

Enhance Home Appearance

There are many ways a homeowner can improve their homes appearance inside and out and quality replacement windows can make a dramatic improvement from the exterior of the home. Updating windows with quality replacements will not only enhance a home’s appearance for the homeowner but can also make a difference should they ever decide to sell their home in the future.

These are just some of the many advantages associated with upgrading the windows in your home. Replacement windows are a good investment but they’re not easily installed. There are also many different window options available today and a homeowner may have a difficult time choosing the best option to fit their needs.

If you’re thinking about updating the windows in your home, we can help you choose the right replacements and our professional window installers are highly skilled and take great pride in their work. At Tri County, consultations are always free and you’re under no obligation so if you’re in the market for replacement windows, we would love to hear from you.