At Tri-County, we have built thousands of decks over the years and there couldn’t be a better time to expand your living space by adding to your existing home a new deck.

We offer many alternatives when it comes to a new deck:

  • Decking-Treated, Cedar, Composite, PVC
  • Rails-Vinyl or Composite with many choices and colors for spindles
  • Lighting-Post and Steps with many color and style choices
  • Lighting-Post and Steps with many color and style choices

On the deck itself, we can also heavily customize your project as each is unique. We can picture frame the decking, we can add lighting options, we can alternate board colors for a contemporary approach, we can wrap posts and the beams – the sky is the limit-just ask.

Depending on the numbers you look at, the average payback on the investment in your deck is about 70-85% which ranks as one of the Top 5 choices when thinking of a home improvement project that will add real value to your home and the investment you have made in it.

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About Tri-County Decks

At Tri-County, our installation and fabrication team has decades of experience installing this easy to work with product and there are many forms of customization that can be done to the product just ask your salesman what options you have.

We are a proud member of the Frank Leta Family of Companies, with Frank having been in business for over 65 years. Who can forget his memorable commercials where he has his “ Board of Directors ” come in-it was his grandkids-one of those next generations works for Tri-County and we continue to carry on the Leta Way-which is to ensure the delivery of top of the line product and a fair price and service that is unparalleled

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