7 Useful DIY Projects that will Personalize your Outdoor Space

If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects you’re not alone, they've become very popular. Completing a project you created yourself can be extremely gratifying and motivating. There’s a number of reasons people love engaging in do-it-yourself projects. When you’re able to do the project yourself you not only save money but it also allows you to [...]

Ways to deter mosquitoes from taking over your outdoor living space

Spring is a beautiful time of the year but unfortunately as the temperatures rise mosquitoes breed and begin multiplying rapidly. Nothing can ruin outdoor enjoyment faster than being attacked by pesky mosquitoes. Even though mosquito repellent helps, it doesn't keep them completely away. Mosquitos aren't just obnoxious flying insects, mosquito-borne illness is a significant [...]

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Expand Your Living Space With A New Deck

At Tri-County, we have built thousands of decks over the years and there couldn’t be a better time to expand your living space by adding to your existing home a new deck. We offer many alternatives when it comes to a new deck: Decking-Treated, Cedar, Composite, PVC Rails-Vinyl or Composite with [...]

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Setting Up An Commercial Outdoor Lounge

Setting up an Outdoor Entertainment area at a Commercial Business Many people have written about the enhanced family and social benefits of creating an outdoor area as an extension of your home...right...how about at your business? As many of you are aware Tri County Fence and Deck is a member [...]

Steel Fencing -vs- Wrought Iron

Why Choose Steel Fencing instead of a Wrought Iron Fence? Traditional metal fencing in the minds of many consumers is the ole’ wrought iron that you saw by parks and governmental buildings that had many layers of caked on black paint. TODAY-that has changed with many consumers loving the look of new powder coated [...]

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OUTDOOR Living is where it is AT !

We live here in Missouri and temperatures can run the gamut but there are enough days during the year that you can take your indoor activities outdoors and enjoy beautiful landscaping and lifestyle features. Other than high dollar swimming pools and expensive hot tubs, much of the materials and labor that go into outdoor living [...]

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Taking a look at a VINYL vs Wood Fence

Vinyl fence is made from PVC. They are a terrific choice as an alternative to a wood or chain link fence. In most cases, a vinyl fence will hold the test of time better than a traditional wood fence and are certainly easier to maintain. Areas with severe and harsh weather conditions-this plays and even [...]

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Western and Eastern Cedar

At Tri-County we install both Western and Eastern Cedar-we really love our Eastern RedCedar ! Any way you slice it red cedar and white cedar are wonderful materials for constructing fences, or anything else that you might ever want to build outdoors. They offer many of the same benefits. For example, they are [...]

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Choosing the Right Fence – Some Important Points to Consider

Fences serve many different purposes in our lives. They help mark boundary lines between our properties and those of our neighbors. They protect pets and livestock and keep them where they should be. They decorate our homes and improve the curb appeal of our properties. They protect our growing plants from errant rabbits and other [...]

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